Nancy White on BloggingWhile doing research for a review of the online video mashup site eyespot, who should I spot amongst the free video clips but Nancy White? (Sorry, tried to embed this on the page, but WordPress seems to be blocking me from doing so.  Any advice from other WordPress jockeys out there?) 

Annie Fergusson and Nancy WhiteHow to make smart technology choices for online groups by balancing the needs of the group was the main message I got out of today’s presentation by Nancy White.  Speaking at the City campus of TAFE SA (and, via video link, to TAFEs across South Australia), an enthusiastic group of about 125 people were treated to a presentation and discussion that was a digestible balance of theory and practical advice.

She started off with introducing the different modalities available for communicating on the web – voice, drawing, video, writing, singing, dancing and listening — and asked us all to discuss which ones we were good at and which ones we’d like to improve.  She made the very good point that different people and different goals call for these different types of modalities. 

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After playing with the otters, I decided to take things a step further.  I did some more recording at the zoo with my mp3 player – this time in the aviary.  I then searched on the internet to find some copy-right free and/or creative commons licensed music.  Flashkit turned out to be a good loop resource (recommended by the hubby).

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Anxious otters sound offToday I’m playing with as many toys at once as possible.  While at the zoo yesterday trying to stock up on some Flickr fodder (and failing miserably, I really, really need a camera with a decent zoom lens), I was fascinated by the deep, harsh sounds made by these lovely little otters.  I think it must have been around their dinner time.  So, I whipped out my mp3 player and hit record.

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Geetha Narayanan

Geetha Narayanan,
originally uploaded by kerryank.

It was amazing to see the creativity, truth and beauty expressed by these kids !