Global Summit Travel Day

Well, it’s just a short time before I jump into a cab and head to the airport for my flight to Sydney and the Global Summit!

There’s a lot of excitement building about the event. As I work for and am going to be involved in podcasting some of the presentations, I’m fairly keyed up. 

De Bullen from our company has the official blog – which will be feeding our podcast feed of events

However, that’s not going to be the only source of info for the event. There is going to be a plethora of technological toys being used by a lot of people – from live blogging in an ocean of wireless broadband to the Wikis set up to support the discussions to Flickr groups, podcasting and more!

If you’re one of the bloggers, Al Upton has set up a Technorati tag  and he’s also got a Flickr photo pool going –

There are lots of ways to get involved – and that’s the whole point of the event really.  Visit the official page – for more information.

For those of you going – I’ll see you tonight at the dinner!