Phone or Internet?

Sunset Fishing with Dog

Sunset Fishing with Dog,
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We’ve been without phone service for three days now – Telstra told our phone company they’d commit to getting it done today, so we’ll see. When it was made clear to us on Sunday, our first reaction was “Do we still have internet?” Whew! Sigh of relief, we did!

Thanks to Skype, we can call anyone (but we do need to invest in a wireless headset), send emails to wish our friends and family a Happy New Year, and receive IM’s from friends and rellies in town. We need to get more family on broadband so that we can get them onto Skype accounts and then the calls could go back and forth.

Because we’ve had the internet, we were able to check tide times, keep an eye on the weather (we get all our news off the ‘net anyway), confirm the times for an exhibit at the art gallery that we want to visit on the hottest day this week and do our online banking and bill paying.

We still have our mobiles, so if someone really needs to use the phone — they can reach us that way.

The phone or the internet? For us, it was no contest. We’ll be moving house in the next few months – are we ready to go all Skype? I think it could be an interesting experiment.

Why am I blogging to this photo? Because flickr is one of the ways I keep my family up to date on what we’re up to – and it’s cheaper than pixting via a mobile.