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If you could care less why someone became a nun or what really irritates a YUPPIE, then stop reading.
If you love listening to stories and enjoy the quirks of your fellow human being, then you might be as charmed and fascinated as I was by the OnBeing web site hosted by the Washington Post.

I love this concept.  Instead of a video blog of one person, this blog features stories and snippets that put man on the street interviews to shame.  Enjoy!

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Paul Coglan of News Limited’s news.com.au team recently wrote a blog post asking Why are blogs dying?.  In it, he cited examples of what he felt were “good” blogs and two blogs he thought were “bad” as well as citing reports that the number of new blogs appearing were down.

I think Coglan is wrong in trying to judge what constitutes a “good” blog.  By his definition, only a blog that is well-written and/or that other people read in large numbers is a “good” blog. 

I would argue that blogs are set up for a wide range of reasons and that comparing a professionally written corporate blog with that of an angst-ridden teenager is not a reasonable litmus test.

In the first instance, the writer wants to impart information.  In the second, the writer desparately needs to communicate and reach out for help. Both are legitimate reasons for communicating and will naturally be vastly different in content. While bloggers do love to get comments as encouragement to go on, people who aren’t talented writers aren’t necessarily going to stop if they don’t get the attagirl or attaboy a comment creates. And good writers may find that blogging doesn’t give them the credibility they want.

I would agree that the written word isn’t everyone’s forte. As other methods of communicating and connecting online become easier – people are going to migrate to the communication tool that best suits their talents.  Writing, photography, video, audio, tagging, finding and sharing links, or interacting using virtual worlds are all means of expressing oneself and connecting to the online community that are now within the reach of most users. And as with most technologies, users are re-defining what they are used for and giving new meaning to them within very personal contexts.

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I am a big fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Living overseas and getting my news from reasonably unbiased sources (SBS and the BBC), the Daily Show reminds me of Boston Globe op ed pieces with a laugh track.

I am not, however, a big fan of Comedy Central. Like so many large providers, the organisation’s IP model is so mired down in old ways of thinking that its about as hip as Dick Cheyney at a rave.

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Second LifeThis has been quite a week.  I’ve created a new wardrobe for myself, completely changed my hair and body, fell in the ocean fully clothed, walked through rock and scored a free house that I had to get rid of because I got trapped in it due to building it up against a cliff and blocking the door.  Oh, and I’ve been learning to fly.  That’s just in my Second Life.

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