The letter your target audience/stakeholders won’t write

Dear (so-called) informational/news/authoritative organisation site

I went to you recently to find out what was going on in my sector/industry.  

Here’s what you had to offer:

An online newsletter/press release section that I have to bookmark.


It’s 2007 – you’re making ME come to YOU? 

To those of you who haven’t updated your websites in months — please don’t make me GUESS if your site/project/organisation is still active.   Either keep your news updated or pull the section and put in a note.  ‘Cause nothing says “We don’t do much” quite like a news section where the most recent item is 2 months old.

The more progressive informed me that I can subscribe to an email newsletter. 

That’s a bit better than having to re-visit the site — but you know something? 

I get a helluva lot of email every day.  I’m considering changing my address – AGAIN- and I might not remember to tell you. Oops.  You lose me.

Why can’t you serve me information on MY terms by offering me an RSS option so I that can add you to the list of 30 other sites I monitor? 

Allow me to lift the content and quit trying to express your innner graphic artist with a cutesy layout, symbolic photos or groovy use of animation.  I really don’t care about that stuff, because —


Where do I go?

I go to Google.  A lot.  I have a customised Google home page that displays RSS feeds. 

Some of my friends have personal learning pages like Pageflakes that allows them to display RSS feeds related to their interests. Others are using Yahoo! Pipes to stitch together content from all over the web.

On these pages, I’ll see you when I’m in the mindset to find the information you have to offer. 

In email, I might flag you to read you later.  Or you might languish there until your news is stale.

If you’re keeping your promises to me  and your content is relevant to my interests, I’ll click on your link and maybe even

  • pay to attend your seminar
  • answer your survey questions
  • participate on your blog
  • join your online group and be an enthusiastic contributor.

Oh, and if you offer a podcast on a subject that will enhance my working life that I can take with me and listen to on the road — I might be all ears to your marketing and/or other messages.  Just make sure not to abuse my trust. 


Your stakeholder/target audience member/potential customer