Let me start off by saying I’m not an Oprah Winfrey fan. On one hand – there’s all that charity work and the free cars for her studio audience. On the other hand – she’s reduced psychology to a series of responsibility-shedding, pop psychology buzzwords and she likes Tom Cruise.

So when my hubby told me over breakfast that he read that Miss O has turned her hand towards explaining the world wide web,  I cringed.

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When I pasted some embed code for a YouTube video into the code view and then flipped back to Visual view for final tweaking – the code broke. 

WordPress’s editor was changing the “em” in embed to “i” — mistaking it for the tag for italics!  To make it work, I had to paste the code into code view and publish.  I was SOOO proud I figured this out by myself (and I’m sure Paul was relieved I didn’t have to tap him yet again).

Quick update: it breaks the code in object embeds too – such as YouTube videos!  To make ’em work, get everything else in your post in, then go to Code view and paste in the code — then make sure you’ve selected the category you want and get out of your article.

I’ve been experimenting with WordPress for use on other types of blogs besides my professional one, and ran into an interesting phenomenom involving Flickr feeds and IE 7.

When trying to display the vertical Flickr badge on my WordPress site via a posting, it looked fine in FireFox.  When viewed in IE, it displayed teeny-tiny little images.  Apparently, the Flickr CSS is not enough information for IE 7 – so when it doesn’t get table width information and image size is set to “medium” – it defaults to the tiny size for a missing image.

Once I went into the code and added a table width of 100% to both the outer and inner tables, it worked just fine — although I did have to delete the extra angle brackets that the WordPress editor seems to want to add in.

However, the RSS feed for that posting doesn’t show up the feed being displayed.  In both the iGoogle feed agregator and the Google feed reader, just the introductory text I created in WordPress and the link to Flickr that shows up at the bottom of the image feed appears.  In IE7’s built-in feed aggregator, the introductory text shows up followed by all the code from the Flickr badge. Guess the moral of the story is you can’t output an RSS feed of an RSS feed.

As a sidebar to all this – I have to say that I’m finding IE7 a major pain (just as I find the new Windows media player clunky and really hate the built-in CD/DVD burner in XP).  By trying to streamline the view, Microsoft has made it really difficult to navigate.

With the RSS feed aggregator, I can add feeds — but finding out how to display them in that side panel is aggravating. 

I love FireFox but know that a vast majority are still hooked into Microsoft so I run both products. Gotta say, despite the fact I’ve been resisting joining the long queue of MS bashers, I am falling for FireFox and am shocked at how Microsoft is losing its edge.  Hmmm, dare I try Open Office?

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I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the SIP (Specialist Information Professionals) and Share blog this afternoon at the invitation of a new colleague and thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speaker.

Pippa is an articulate young woman who has been blogging since she was 20 – for the past seven years now. Her blog shares some very personal experiences, life changes, wonderful family photos and memories as well as her passion for food and gardening.

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If you work with a group of librarians (would the correct term be “a collection of librarians”?) and school teachers as I do, you’d know that their eagle eyes can spot grammar gaffes a mile away and they don’t like them ONE LITTLE BIT.

When a story came out about text (as in phone text) versions of Shakespearean prose and poetry, there was plenty of cringing. Of course, now even the Bible is available in SMS-speak.

Grammar Girl – a technical writer in the US who produces a highly amusing and informative podcast – has teamed up with other grammatically correct friends to produce an Unofficial Twitter Style Guide called “Strunk & Twite” (which is funny only to those familiar with “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr and E.B. White (I think he wrote “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little”).

So, if you’re a texter or a twitterer and feel the need to still maintain some level of grammatical decorum, u now hav ur guide.