03. May 2007 · Comments Off on Pardon the rollback · Categories: Web sites

Have been having fun with hackers and web hosting this week (not sure which one ended up causing more frustration) — so am slowly bringing the blog back to what it was with a clean install of WordPress. Was very grateful that I was able to re-import my SQL database and thus not lose my posts. Ye Gawds.

Am shopping for hosting and several posts in the WordPress community recommend site5.com. Have looked around at others – A Small Orange, Hostgator – but think site5 may be da one.

Several reasons, one being this statement in their “Reason Why” section:

“Near the farm where we grow our beautiful, organic, corn-fed servers there’s an ornate workshop, hidden amongst the foliage of a forest of magical technology. It is here at this very workshop that our team of highly-trained Elves toil over gloriously unique features for each and every one of our hosting accounts.

These features include Backstage, an account portal that lets you access every single feature of your Site5 service from one place and True MultiSite, a technology that let’s you easily create many full websites from one main hosting plan.

Even if these features fail to impress you, just remember to ask yourself: how many other web hosts employ elves?”

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