If you work with a group of librarians (would the correct term be “a collection of librarians”?) and school teachers as I do, you’d know that their eagle eyes can spot grammar gaffes a mile away and they don’t like them ONE LITTLE BIT.

When a story came out about text (as in phone text) versions of Shakespearean prose and poetry, there was plenty of cringing. Of course, now even the Bible is available in SMS-speak.

Grammar Girl – a technical writer in the US who produces a highly amusing and informative podcast – has teamed up with other grammatically correct friends to produce an Unofficial Twitter Style Guide called “Strunk & Twite” (which is funny only to those familiar with “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr and E.B. White (I think he wrote “Charlotte’s Web” and “Stuart Little”).

So, if you’re a texter or a twitterer and feel the need to still maintain some level of grammatical decorum, u now hav ur guide.

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  1. Pretty cool to have a teet guide! By the way, I think the jokers have it that a collective noun for librarians is “a shush of librarians”. There’s a certain ‘cringe-factor’ in that!