Blogging with heart

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the SIP (Specialist Information Professionals) and Share blog this afternoon at the invitation of a new colleague and thoroughly enjoyed the keynote speaker.

Pippa is an articulate young woman who has been blogging since she was 20 – for the past seven years now. Her blog shares some very personal experiences, life changes, wonderful family photos and memories as well as her passion for food and gardening.

You can tell she is from a different generation – no categories on her site. You wanna know what’s going on? You go through the archives.

Being new to blogging, I came armed wtih questions that I thought were important. They still are — but instead I came away with deeper information.

Pippa blogs for the sheer love of it – her passion was obvious. Like most bloggers, she also enjoys the pat on the back from comments and gains a sense of accomplishment from keeping the thing going. But it was her passion that spoke to me. She has built an online identity for herself and, while she shares it with others, it is very much hers and she loves it.

I know it will make my own writing stronger for including more of myself and writing about my journey, rather than trying to impress or compete with faceless others. I’ve spent a long time writing ad copy and how-to manuals that necessitate removing myself from my writing. Today, I was reminded what’s been missing in the writing I do for myself. Thank you Pippa!