Let me start off by saying I’m not an Oprah Winfrey fan. On one hand – there’s all that charity work and the free cars for her studio audience. On the other hand – she’s reduced psychology to a series of responsibility-shedding, pop psychology buzzwords and she likes Tom Cruise.

So when my hubby told me over breakfast that he read that Miss O has turned her hand towards explaining the world wide web,  I cringed.

I cringed further when he told me that Oprah feels that the standard explanations of what RSS stands for (really simple syndication or real site summary) were too confusing. Instead – she says to think of it as being “Ready for Some Stories”.

My first reaction was – NO! I was raised by a librarian who drilled the attitude into me that if you were confused by something – look it up and learn. Surface knowledge is like thin ice – as soon as things heat up it lets you down.

Then, I thought about what effective communications are all about. It’s about making things understandable for the END USER. And sometimes those end users don’t give a rat’s pink patooty about how the electricity gets from the power station to the light switch – they just want to know where the damned light switch is and how to flick it on.

Despite the fact that the blogger seems to have love confused with another emotion – this blog post from the “Back in Skinny Jeans” blog does a great job in explaining RSS and how to get started.

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  1. The skinny jeans link is a beauty – tks for sharing.
    I would be interested to see an update from you on the use of RSS at oprah.com.
    Fang – Mike Seyfang