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Computer innards - Project 365I’ve spent the past 36 hours in the thrall of my new computer system.  I succumbed to sheer naked curiousity and a package deal to choose Windows Vista.  I’ve been wowed by my two new monitors – overnight I went from a 14″ laptop screen to two 19″ flat screens — and having 5 times more speed and 10 times more storage space. 

So I’ve been flying – installing new programs, copying over existing files — trying new things (Open Office instead of MS, NVU and Filezilla instead of Dreamweaver) and loving that Second Life looks so much better.

After Friday’s post on the amazing cutting edge graphics stuff on the horizon and researching links on video files courtesy of the Fang – I’ve been on a technology high.  So tonight, reality decided I was ready for a wake-up call.

As I was transcribing notes from a podcast on my new machine and my old lappie was going through a defrag, suddenly my technology bubble popped and the lights and power went off in the office/livingroom portion of the house. My husband and I tracked down our little plastic torch and trekked out to the fusebox.  There were a couple of safety switches and three white porcelain fuses.

We turned off the power and then tenuously pulled out the white porcelain fuses and played “one of these things is not like the others” until we identified that on one of the switches, the copper wire was snapped.  Fortunately, there was a roll of it – looking like it had been there since the 80s and we made the repair.

It’s a strange time to be alive isn’t it? Just as we marvel at the technological wonders around us and the future that’s just ahead, technology that’s about 100 plus years old can bring it all crashing down.

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