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A year or so ago – the political parties were debating “how to keep our children safe” online.  At that time, there was talk of putting in filters at the ISP level and I’d thought that rational thinking had prevailed.

Then an election year happened and low and behold, 15 months later, I’m driving home from work and hear parliament the Communications Legislation Amendment (Information Sharing and Datacasting) Bill 2007. 

The authors of this amendment state “The existing Schedule 5 to the BSA already provides a regulatory framework for stored content made available over the Internet. However, this framework does not currently extend to ephemeral content such as live streamed audiovisual services, nor to services over other types of networks such as the mobile telephone network. Therefore, the Bill establishes a new regulatory framework for content that will be provided by a new  Schedule 7 to the BSA. The new Schedule will replace Schedule 5 to the extent that it regulates Internet content hosts.”

However, there were some who felt that things needed to be taken further.  To the point of putting “clean feed” filters in at the ISP level.

In case you missed this very good press release from NetAlert on ISP level filters published 15 months ago, here it is again: Education the best filter for young Australians on the internet.

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