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You can pick your tools

In communication and education, we are bombarded with an ever-increasing barrage of you-beaut tools, tricks, tips and sites designed to make our communications and teaching more effective.

To illustrate the point for a presentation I was planning for earlier this week, I was going to print out a blog post publishing links to web 2.0 sites that had left comments perpetually open for others to add their “favourites”.  I didn’t end up doing so because when I did a print preview — there would have been 49 pages of 11-point font.

Is there any wonder that when people who play at the cutting edge come back to people trying to accomplish something concrete and tell them there’s yet another new tool to explore, the people who are trying to teach or communicate groan, moan and complain? Then the cutting edgers write the practitioners off as luddites and the cycle continues.

While one group might not be able to always see the forest for the trees, the other group has such an aerial view that they can’t see the swamps, undergrowth and forest regulations/restrictions that are taking up the tree people’s time and energy.

Just a thought on a Sunday night…