Shame on you NY Times and Michiko Kakutani!

Y’know – perhaps the Harry Potter series is one of the most profitable entertainment media franchises to come along in a while — but when I’d heard there were spoilers due to an online book store screwing up and delivering the book a few days in advance — I was picturing mean-spirited nobodies trying to get a quick burst of site visits or 15 minutes of fame. 

I would have thought that spoiling the last book of the Harry Potter series was beneath the NY Times and its book reviewer.  Apparently not.  In a cynical bid to sell papers and get traffic to their site, they showed disregard for the millions of kids not to mention the millions of adults who love this series and published a long winded review that brought out several key plot points two days before the book was available.

Oh well, a good conversation starter for a business ethics class I suppose.  Just because you can, does it mean you should?