danah boyd on social networking

danah boyd on social networking

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend the danah boyd “Generation MySpace” seminars currently being run by education.au – there are a lot of ways you can participate in the conversations going on around the net and to catch up on her presentations.

1) For an intro, the Today Show on Ninemsn has posted the interview they did with danah just after the Brisbane seminar. While the questions are general in nature, they’ll give you an introduction to danah. However, they’ve buggered it up — you have to have IE 6 to watch it.

2) Listen to the education.au seminar podcast http://blogs.educationau.edu.au/seminar/feed

3) Go to the edna Group – http://groups.edna.edu.au/danahboyd

4) Go to the delicious site and look up the eduausem2007 tag – http://del.icio.us/tag/eduausem2007

5) Or go to technorati http://technorati.com/posts/tag/eduausem2007

She’s got some great things to say and the podcasts are really worth a listen.