19. August 2007 · Comments Off on Sigh of relief! · Categories: My personal learning journey

I’ve had a bumpy start to my first few weeks back in the educational saddle as a distance education student.  Being a student after a 17 year absence was daunting enough, but I also

  • mis-read the start date of the class
  • had a helluva time tracking down the main text
  • had to get up to speed on a new learning management system
  • had some technical problems with videos.

Fortunately, all behind me as of today!  YAY! I’ve got a chat appointment with my e-Coach tomorrow night, I’m starting to get into the swing of study during the week and using the tools at hand for reflection and review on my own is starting to feel more comfortable.  My husband is also interested in what I’m learning, so it helps to have someone to bounce new ideas and concepts off of as I go along this very new learning path. 

To go from what I remember as reasonably structured learning with several assignments to an e-learning experience with only three assignments to determine my grade is breathtakingly scary for me — but it also keeps me honest.  There’s nothing like experiencing e-learning firsthand to bring theory to life.  Especially when you’re on the learning side of the monitor.   Glad I have a book of short stories to help my brain wind down for the night.  And that will be a whole lot easier now that I’ve finally exhaled.

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