The incidental tourist — or Why I need at least two web browsers

The incidental tourist — or Why I need at least two web browsers

This is a rant.  This is only a rant.  For the next few paragraphs, this blog post will be written accompanied by high-pitched squeals of frustration and frequent head banging.

Okay, so I’m in Blackboard using FireFox because I want to be able to use the Chat tool and the Chat tool apparently has “known issues” when used in IE7 — and in Vista too.  This is after I had to use IE to view a slide show produced in Producer that doesn’t work in FireFox (turns out, it doesn’t work in IE either — on either Vista or XP). I have to find a key reference article.  The link provided only works on-campus.

So I fudge around and find the library site, click around, find searching from off-campus.  I go to EBSCOhost (yes, I’m bloody well naming names) via the offcampus proxy and start searching.  After half an hour of my life that I’m NEVER GETTING BACK, I think I’ve started to figure it out. I find the periodical I’m looking for.  I click to expand the year.  Nothing happens except the little spinning Vista circle keeps on spinning.

I go to IE7, it works.

I go into my Blackboard unit to record the link, I can’t use the Chat function – it only works in FireFox.

I open FireFox in a new window, accidentally close IE and lose my place.  And my mind. And my sense of humour.  I recover.

I spend another frustrating few minutes.

I find articles as PDFs.  HUGE PDFs.  I thank God that I’m not on dial-up too.

I think “Hey, I’ll just watch a video — which one does THAT work in again?  Ya know?  Right now I don’t remember.

So to summarise:

In Blackboard, you need FireFox to use the chatroom.  You need IE to view slide shows — but you also need to have PowerPoint and/or a Windows animation viewer — HOWEVER, THAT DOESN’T WORK IN VISTA. It also doesn’t work in XP but the tech support is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

The videos didn’t work in either for a while, then they just seemed to like FireFox, now they seem to like both except that in IE the videos open Windows Media Player in a new window and in FireFox they open in the frame.

The EBSCO database doesn’t like FireFox much, so I need to use IE for that and I have to make sure to enter via the off-campus route or I can’t get in.

And when I paste to an Open Office document from a web page, I need to use <ctrl> <shift> V to paste so that I can paste formatted text, not HTML or tables.

I think I need to turn off my two computers, four browsers and shut down the 16 windows currently open and read my textbook for a while…

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  1. bwahahahaha
    reminds me of the CP/M days, the pseudo standard. If things are to work for people like you and me then pseudo standards and pseudo common data formats do not work. These big boys need to leave their ego at the door and comply with common formats. Gives me this the %^$&# to.