Okay so what’s the rule here – is it more than one syllable and drop the last vowel?

A new word is quickly making the rounds — I first read it in a Washington Post blog post from Friday — followed a link in a comment by Erik Schark (sorry sweet pea, you didn’t leave your web site URL) claiming the word originated at Podcamp Pittsburgh five days earlier — and now there’s an official home page and t-shirt available –

By the way – BACN refers to email that’s not quite SPAM, you opted into it — but it still clutters up your inbox and isn’t exactly welcomed or important.

Sheesh! A week ago it was a yummy breakfast food with an O (as in Oh boy! BACON!) and now it’s semi-unwanted electronic messages with no O.  What are wanted messages now – HAM?  No second syllable vowel to remove from that — hmmm….

3 Replies to “Makn BACN”

  1. Sorry, the Washington Post site doesn’t let you leave your website with a comment. I’m happy to do so here. Thanks for helping spread the word about bacn. It’s now been featured in The New York Times, the Toronto Star, the Chicago Tribune, NPR, Boing Boing, Wired, and about 600 other blog entries.

    As for ‘rind’ or ‘gristle’, the point of bacn is that you do in fact want it. It’s just not urgent or personal. I always want to know if someone has left a comment on one of my youtube videos or if I have a message on myspace, but if I’m trying to just quickly check my e-mail, that stuff just slows me down.