29. August 2007 · Comments Off on Ink and paper warning after woman ‘held captive’ · Categories: Issues

Okay, so that wasn’t the headline that I saw in the RSS feed from the ABC.  Their story started with the following: “Police are warning internet users to be careful when they form relationships in cyberspace, after arresting a man who allegedly held a Perth woman captive after meeting her online.”

Umm – what if they’d corresponded as penpals?  Then my heading would work, wouldn’t it?  Or what it they’d met in a bar?  Would the police warn us away from bars? Or what if they’d met at work? Or in a coffee shop? Or in line at the police station?

Come ON here — don’t blame technology for an error or three in discernment.  Online or offline – if you make an error of judgement in relation to strangers, you are engaging in risky behaviour.  Thankfully the woman and her daughter in this story got a happy ending.

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