Podcamp lunch time

listening 2 duncanThe morning started with Cameron Reilly of The Podcamp Network disputing a claim that podcasting is dead. He surprised me with the level of passion he had for podcasting in general – he sees it as having the potential to change the world! He made the excellent point that it is still in its infancy. Just as early television used to consist of stage plays recorded by cameras until it found the best way to use the medium, so too will podcasting mimic traditional radio until it matures.

I led a session on producing podcasts and enjoyed hearing from people who are using it in their classroom and workspaces and sharing what we’ve done at education.au. A good discussion about whether walled gardens are the way to go and risk management ensued.

I had the good luck of meeting Still – a former ABC journo and Crikey contributor, great guy! Then we went in to listen to Duncan Riley talk about branding. He stirred things up by saying that Aussies need to do more to encourage blogging and spreading the love. Cameron Reilly brought up an excellent point about bloggers NOT being journalists – at least, not INVESTIGATIVE journalists. I was glad he made that point and don’t think it detracts from the importance of bloggers and points back to the need for information literacy and learning discernment.

I’m disappointed that the Flickr email to blog isn’t working as I’ve been sending up photos to Flickr all morning (sigh). Oh well,

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