Bret talked about how a teacher used SL with Middle School students regarding what beauty is. Day 1, they created avatars that looked as much like themselves as possible. Day two, they were told to make their avatars as beautiful as possible – the guys all had big pecs, the girls hourglass figures as you’d expect. Day three, roles were reverse. The girls had to create the most handsome guys they could, the guys the most beautiful girls. The male avatars that the girls created were not all huge pecs and muscles. The female avatars created by the 13 year old boys were not all breasts and bums (a few of the boys said they thought big breasts would be uncomfortable and awkward). Day four, the teacher told them they could create their avatar to look like anything they like. Just about all of them went back to the avatars that looked the most like them.

Also, Bret showed us Skribe’s video of the new CSI NY Second Life experience. Wow!