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I’m noticing a real difference between how I use photos from my phone vs. my camera.

With my phone, it’s about sharing a moment in time. The focus is on the sharing, not the image quality (although they aren’t all as blurry as this one).

With my camera, the focus is on the image and getting results I feel capture what I felt was beautiful about the scene. Both are valuable to me in terms of expressing myself.

If I’d taken this image with my camera, I would never have put it up on Flickr – it is not in focus, the colours are off, the framing is a bit off.

With my phone – I love the fact I caught Buster with his tail out all excited, standing on tip toe, his chubby body stretched to its limit and, unable to resist, the paw extended ready to grab what he can. It’s not as pretty as other shots I have of him, but it’s far more emotive.

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  1. I think there’s a lot in this: the limits of mobile phones helps us relax about being ‘professional’ and just simply ‘do’. This sort of thing helps making useful things like demos quickly.