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Originally uploaded by kerryankHad to do it – hate me if you must! If you visit the Titanic sim, go to the ballroom and
get the narration. It really makes the experience. Otherwise, it’s just a
boat shaped mall with a ballroom…

I didn’t mean for this to post to the blog — the function on Flickr hasn’t worked in so long I forgot that dual posting to Flickr and WordPress was available via email.  Oops.  Accidental blog post.

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I am experimenting with Vista’s voice recognition software — a rabbit hole I fell down while setting up my new headset. Ironically, I’ve tried 4 times now to get Vista to type Vista and it doesn’t recognise the sound of its own name.

Still, it obeyed most commands and I know I have to train it to understand me. The question is, do I want to?

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Facebook Second Life Link eventAs I spend more time in Second Life, I look for interactive events to see how people are using this exciting new medium. So far, for me, it does a good job of bridging the tyranny of distance and providing networking opportunities.

However, I think replicating a real-world event online isn’t always the best use of this medium. First of all, there always seem to be audio issues — which can be distracting. Crowd management can also be an issue — late comers can show up with their mics in the locked on position and raise hell with everyone else’s audio. Secondly, people can get so distracted wtih trying to navigate their avatar that they miss out on the message.

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I’ve blogged about this on my education.au blog  but wanted to add a few quick thoughts here.

The fact that the organisers of the Edublog awards recognised the Australian teen who broke through an $84 million government porn filter was brilliant! That 16 year old Tom Wood is the one making the point that $84 million could have been put towards more effective use in educating kids about internet safety is both something to admire and shake your head over.

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It’s fun, it’s flashy — but is it useful? As my hubby and I explore my new convergent phone (a Nokia N95) with the bells and whistles, the code scanner has been the latest facet to catch our attention.

I’d had the great good fortune to attend Marcus Ragus’s session on mobile technologies at eDayz 2006 and he’d mentioned a public art project involving generating mobile codes and pasting them at various spots for people to scan. V. kewl.

I can also see the benefit in creating one on a paper business card or as an email signature so that people could move your information directly into their mobile address books.

Here’s a link to the Nokia site: http://mobilecodes.nokia.com/index.htm

And a question for you to answer: