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Just to compare the unconstrained camera and compression settings, I’ve done another SL vid using an unconstrained camera, but in a forced daylight setting. I also got silly with titles…

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As internet radio is playing, I can’t grant a full CC license on the production, but you can use the vid under a creative commons attribution license.

Your tips, tricks and comments very welcome!

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CTL ALT D (or OPT CTL D) will open up two menus that don’t display by default in Second Life. In one of them – the Client menu – you have the option to Disable Camera Constraints. Do this and you open up the ability to leave your avatar in one place and go roaming incredibly far afield with your camera. It can not only save you from entering unsavoury places of business – it can help you create some beautiful scenes for machinima.

I’ve just scratched the surface in this video of my new dance ball/internet radio/dance floor.

Because the music is from an internet radio station, I cannot freely license the audio portion of this video. However, you are welcome to use the video portion under a Creative Commons – Attribution license.

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Okay, my husband just saw the title of this and had a chuckle.  True, it’s not as if I’m going to use a pigeon, a piece of paper and a burnt stick — but in comparison to other methods, this one is pretty simple.

As a Flickr addict who is becoming an SL addict, marrying my two addictions just makes sense.  All Flickr accounts can generate a unique email address to which the owner can send photos and have them posted.  But in the heat of the moment I never remember the darned thing and even with two screens, it’s a lot of fudging around. 

I went on a search for an easier method.  A Linden person had replied to a post in Flickr and said he used a combination of three different tools – a blogging HUD, a software program that memorises your favourite words/keystroke combos and will auto fill for you and a photo upload site that posts through to Flickr.

I had the blogging HUD, but the problem with it is that it didn’t post straight to Flickr – it posted to my blog, as well as a site for the HUD.  It didn’t post correctly to my blog and posted the URL for all the world to see on the hud web site.

As the last thing I need is another web site or three, I thought there must be a better way.

And there is.

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I’ve spent the weekend learning about video for the web and have been experimenting like a mad scientist with combinations of containers, codecs, file formats, aspect ratios, etc. in order to achieve the right balance between file size and quality.

I’m using blip.tv for testing – here is a video embed from the blip.tv site — or you can view my Neotenousvid blip.tv page.


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The purpose of uploading these videos is to test various formats, compression settings, sizes and codecs and how they affec the quality of video that includes screen captures, video, still files, voice, music and transitions.

The lovely music underneath the voice track was purchased from Magnatune.com. The artist is Jeff Wahl and the song is Freedom from the album Guinevere.

Just so I know where it is, here is a link to the 3GP file I created with SUPER from the full quality AVI output by Sony Vegas Video 8 Platinum.

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