2007 was an explosive year for me and my brain. This video project helped me to learn Sony Vegas video and mashes up voice, music, photos, screen grabs and animation to tell the digital story of my learning year.


  1. Grazt, Kerry! 😉 What a great way to sum up where you are at… and where you are going!! Love it! 😉

  2. What a fantastic idea – year end summary in video form… I feel a competition coming on at the end of 2008!

    This post exemplifies the notion of ePortfolio in my mind. You have drawn from your impressive portfolio of published digital work from the year – and presented a summary in your story.

    The embedded .flv works fine for people who visit your site in a browser but sucks for us RSS subscribers. If the first link in the post were to something friendly to the iPod touch (i.e. m4v) I would be a happier chap. You may also wish to provide an explicit link to your blip.tv ‘Share’ page for the permalinks to other file formats. (or better still link to each file type from the blog post – more like rocketboom, less like on10.net).

    Great work, ripper idea.


  3. Thanks Jo and Mike! And Mike, excellent point about the audio file — will rectify that ASAP!