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Why spend tens of thousands of tax dollars on video and imagery to promote tourism, then lock those resources away and charge for access?

This question pounded through my brain this weekend as I researched a trip I’m planning to Robe, South Australia next month. It would have been so great to not only be able to see those resources before I go — but to be able to play with them after the trip.

Think of how the spend on these resources could be exponentially multiplied with a Creative Commons, Attribution, Non Commercial license.

People who live in or visit tourism regions could mash up their own digital stories and put them out on YouTube, blip.tv or their own web sites and spread the word. Many post holiday shots on Flickr and these are great – but a video story would be that much more compelling.

The Tourism office could go out and harvest these efforts and create a special site to aggregate the different stories being told. They could even encourage people to use these resources and tell their stories.

In this brave new world of the read-write web and social networking, people researching a spend as personal and important to them as a holiday no longer settle for ad-agency produced or heavily filtered and post produced videos and imagery as the sole sources of information.

If the tourism office is savvy enough to provide them the tools, social networkers will spread the word far more effectively than a big media spend. And the resources created to promote the state will see the light of day a lot more often.

PS – If you can recommend good holiday house in Robe for @ $80 per night, please let me know…

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