Testing various compressions

Testing various compressions

I’ve spent the weekend learning about video for the web and have been experimenting like a mad scientist with combinations of containers, codecs, file formats, aspect ratios, etc. in order to achieve the right balance between file size and quality.

I’m using blip.tv for testing – here is a video embed from the blip.tv site — or you can view my Neotenousvid blip.tv page.


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The purpose of uploading these videos is to test various formats, compression settings, sizes and codecs and how they affec the quality of video that includes screen captures, video, still files, voice, music and transitions.

The lovely music underneath the voice track was purchased from Magnatune.com. The artist is Jeff Wahl and the song is Freedom from the album Guinevere.

Just so I know where it is, here is a link to the 3GP file I created with SUPER from the full quality AVI output by Sony Vegas Video 8 Platinum.

2 Replies to “Testing various compressions”

  1. Nice work, thanks for sharing!
    Feel like a little friendly competition?

    – Let’s see who can get the 00:49sec EdNA Tour Overview to the smallest filesize with crisp text, decent sound and smooth movement.

    I will create a little Google Spreadsheet to record our results.