This is obviously a non-scripted machinima attempt to stitch together some of the things I’ve seen and done in Second Life. You can download the flash file here:

Or, you can watch it on my web site right here:


  1. Hooray! Nice work… not sure if my congratulatory twitter actually made it to the RSS feed… so Im commenting here too! 😉

    My fav bit is the blue frocked, winged, mid-air flips! 😉

    Can’t wait to see your next machinima masterpiece! 😉

  2. Think Village People
    Think Milkshake scene
    Dancing in Midori – I love it!

  3. (Clapping hands & Jumping on the spot)


    Have you shared this with your family – they would absolutely love it….

    (chanting): More Machinima More Machinima More Machinima


  4. Kerrie, what a fantastic machinima! How inspiring to see this is your first effort – I havent made one yet but feel very encouraged to do so having seen your!

    Loved the ballroom dancing scene and the transition from awake to SL dream.

    First that amazing house in SL and now this – you rock!