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My laptop died a death and took my tax information for the past several years down with it.  Still don’t know if I’m going to get the archives back, but here are the steps to get the ATO’s ECI client software back up and running:

 1) Apply for a new digital certificate – http://ato.gov.au/onlineservices/

WAIT. A few weeks or so……………………………………………………………………

2) Download and install CSI (Common-use Signing Interface)  – http://csi.business.gov.au/CSI/Welcome.asp

3) Download and install ECI – http://eci.ato.gov.au/Download/Index.htm

4) To change address, wait until CSI installed, THEN go to ABR site http://abr.gov.au/ABR_BC/

Number to call the ATO when they are finally available to talk to discuss shifting to yearly BAS lodgement: 13 28 66.


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In Australia, most schools operate on a white list system when it comes to the web sites they can access. Educators have to apply for sites to be unblocked for classroom use and some sites are banned with no hope of unblocking them. The practitioners I’ve talked to are feeling frustrated – they’d like to explore new ways of engaging their students, but having to continually request sites be unblocked or finding a site that wasn’t blocked now is can put it all in the “too hard basket”.

Recently, an educator who had successfully been running a blogging program with his Year 3 students for a few years was told to remove the blog with the kids blogs and photos (all had parental permissions slips signed) due to safety concerns. http://alupton.edublogs.org/

Even in institutions catering to older students such as TAFEs, educators face the blockage of sites such as Twitter that can be valuable as a professional development networking tool if someone up the chain deems it to have no educational value.

I work for national, not for profit educational organisation called education.au We are owned by the federal and state education departments with the goal of supporting practitioners and administrators in the use of ICTs. We also aim to provide leadership in the innovative use of online and offline tools.

Part of my role involves producing a podcast for educators – E-learning Insights http://www.edna.edu.au/edna/go/news/podcast/eli.

To provide educators and administrators with case studies of programs that are successfully balancing risk and opportunity, I have set up a voice board to allow educators who are using social media and online tools with students to record their stories.

Here is where the voice board is located: http://sandpit.edna.edu.au/course/view.php?id=118

Due to licensing issues, users need to have an account with education network Australia (edna) services and log into the site in order to participate.

Alternately, you can send me a link to an audio file you’ve already created or an email to read out. Please include a link (or mention) of your blog or other online site so that we can make a credible link between your story and you. My email address is kjohnson at educationau.edu.au (replace “at with @ to use).

Thank you for helping to open up discussion on this issue.

I’d like to get all submissions in by Wednesday, April 30th Australia time (Tuesday 29 April US and Europe).

If you know of other educators working with students online whom you feel would make a valuable contribution, please forward this information on to them.



For a friend who is trialling a new avatar in Second Life.
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The federal government is pushing a bill to force all telecommunications providers to facilitate lawful data interception across fixed and mobile telephone systems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Instant Messaging (IM) and chat room discussions.




Anyone up for uplifting discussions on this bill?  Or the new email snooping powers? Or the filter on ISPs “for the sake of the children”?

Just returned from a trip to Canberra that was part business, part tourism and boy are my thumbs tired!

I mobile Flickr’d, streamed some qik video, did some Twittering and even lifted my head up to see some sites. Quality time with the hubby figured into it too.

We giggled at a table filled with laptop, camera, camera phones, battery rechargers, spare batteries, spare SD cards in our hotel room but weren’t embarassed.

The mobile flickring and qik streaming were part of the experience for me — not only preserving memories, but part of the fun.

I’m going to ensure I don’t spend all day today in front of the computer — so will keep this short and get out in the sunshine for a walk.