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Neatly folding fitted sheets is a skill I’ve yet to master and being past my 30s (cough cough), I’m not sure it is one I’ll be picking up soon.

But I may give it a go after finding this fabulous little tutorial on the Target web site.  What great sticky content — and what a great way of value-adding for customers.


  1. Okay I confess
    One day I was watching Oprah…
    wait it gets worse
    and her guest was Martha Stewart.
    That’s as bad as it gets.
    Martha showed a similar way to fold but you could do it standing up.
    It’s hard to explain how but, she folded the corner over it’s direct opposite to get the square base. I’ve been doing the Martha method ever since.
    I agree, it’s easier when you see someone do it so “good on ya” Target you’ll save us all from having to endure more Martha Stewart on the tele screen.

  2. farmerjae – I am SOOO proud you came clean in public. It is one of the first steps towards rehabilitation.