eBay Australia only has our good at heart.  Or so they would have us believe.  To help bolster security and consumer confidence, eBay has moved to make PayPal the ONLY payment processing service available to buyers and sellers. For those of you not aware of their relationship – eBay owns PayPal.

The RBA, banks and sellers for once are all on the same page in protesting this move.  The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has received more than 230 submissions in protest. Unfortunately the deadline for submissions was Friday, 9 May — but the nice lady I talked to this morning said that people could still make a submission via email or post, although they might not be put on the register.  Go to this page and look over at the right column for contact details: http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/3673


  1. I’m not surprised by ebay’s move. It will annoy a lot of people but from ebay’s POV it’s probably worth any loss of business they’ll suffer.

  2. What annoys me the most is the spin on it – they are doing US a FAVOUR, things will be SAFER, big SMILING FACE… Ugh!