Not yet three – and navigating Second Life

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  • That is the cutest thing I’ve seen for ages! Go nephew… showing all the oldies how truly easy SL is if you just relax and have fun! 😉

    I hope he found a good pirate ship!! 😉

  • Hi farmerjae

    This was play time. He had already gone through Mr Potatohead and had had an active and rowdy session with his cars and toy soldiers and playing tag and chase.

    He chose an interactive game over a passive movie as his wind-down activity. I was happy to oblige.

  • Not cheeky – just about constructive play.

    How about a computer game where they learn eye hand coordination? Not to mention the one he has at home that has taught him colours and colour combinations…

  • play with the outdoors/nature/people/animals/toys/books also teach hand eye coordination as well as colours/colour combinations and avoids unnecessary exposure to EMFs as well as an early exposure to screen culture – Sorry, Im not sold that a 3 year old who isnt yet able to traverse the real world should be learning to traverse a digital one

  • Sorry, not sold on keeping them away from technology and computers.

    He gets all of the outdoors, books and toys – it’s about balance. And it is not balanced to keep them away from the technologies that are going to be a big part of their lives.

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