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Just a quick (or should I say qik) post before bed time. Tonight I tried using my Nokia 95 trained on a computer monitor to live stream video from Second Life to the internet using By setting up qik on my phone for streaming rather than quality, I didn’t get backed up as I have in the past with Here is one of the videos:

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  1. I watched one of your streaming videos “live” it was quite a powerful realization. Wow, she’s streaming from InWorld, I thought.

    I observed a similar but reversed event last week at the Discovery Networks weekly workshop. Demb Oh (Steme Dembo) gave a demonstration of streaming into SL from the RealWorld! This blew me away, it’s something I’m hoping to recreate as soon as I can find some time.

    Anyhow, one of the neat things Demb Oh did was stream his computer desktop to InWorld. Rather than poining a camera at his screen he used a piece of software (Windows only) called SplitCam.

    Using Veodia to create the stream, he was then able to use the SplitCam application to alternate video source between his webcam and his desktop. I imagine Qik has a similar functionality to allow for such switching. This may or not be something you’d be interested in exploring – seems you’d at least not have to contend with the camera while streaming out what’s happening on your computer.

    If I ever record a podcast again, I hope to discuss the great experimentation by both you and Demb Oh. Each of you, from slightly different angles, apre pushing/pulling the envelope of using SL as a media tool.