Share your favourite Second Life tips?

When you first start driving a car, you very conscisouly went through self-talk to ensure you were doing it all right.  Seatbelt on, mirrors adjusted, look in all mirrors, reverse, angle wheels so don’t bottom out the car, straighten wheels, put in drive, signal, move into traffic flow… There’s often no time to enjoy the scenery when you’re a new driver because you are focused on staying on the road.

With experience, that self talk speeds up and becomes less of a consious effort.  You can blast the radio, drink a bottle of water and enjoy the view without danger of going off the road.

So how can you accelerate that process for newcomers to online environments?
My new build

I’m working on a landing pad for newcomers to Second LIfe as part of my work with and as a learning journey for myself as a trainer and learning object creator.  So I’m going to use my social network and put out an appeal to you:

Please leave a comment on this post sharing your top 3, 5 or 10 second life tips/discoveries that really flicked on a lightbulb for you or helped you flick onto auto pilot. I’ll incorporate the top 10 into postcards/slides for newcomers to look at and learn from.

Here are mine:

1) Use the arrow keys in conjunction with the mouse for smoother movement.

2) Play with gestures and assign hot keys to your favourites.

3) Use Page down for smoother landings.

4) Alt + arrow keys give better camera control.

5) CTL ALT D opens advanced menu options.

6) Torley Linden’s video tutorials ROCK

7) Use Make Outfit in Appearance menu to save favourite looks in folders

8) Use CTL Shift Y to turn on the sun

9) Use CTL Shift H to teleport Home if in an uncomfortable situation

10) Use Instant Messaging IM/Call button to talk privately or leave messages for friends not in-world

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  • 1) Read the SL blog (, and get to know the wiki ( and the jira (

    2) Sit on something if you find yourself in a griefing attack and you won’t be harmed.

    3) You can overdo attachments and gestures, such as personal lights, sounds, particles, etc. Remember it’s not polite to spam others with all your gadgets.

    4) Typing “/me” in chat allows you to express feelings, actions, etc. from a first person perspective. (Example: /me gives everyone a cookie…)

    5) Listen and watch the world attentively, ask respectful questions.

    6) Don’t request or accept friendships from everyone you meet.

    7) Take classes: search the Education category in Events.

    8) Visit an art gallery or sculpture park in Second Life.

    9) Take time to explore all the different Preferences (ctrl-p).

    10) Look both ways before crossing a sim border.

  • I don’t know if I can think of 10…but I will think of as many as possible…

    1. Read the blog post a . There are some excellent ideas there.

    2. If you are engaged in any type of animation like sitting or doing the salsa, don’t teleport somewhere until after you stand up or stop the animation…or else when you get there you will look normal to yourself and be in animation to everyone else…

    3. Don’t do things (like pole dance) that you wouldn’t want other people to see you do…because everyone there has a camera.

    4. Sunn mentioned this, I think…Read blogs by teachers in SL.

    5. Don’t be afraid of Unicorn-Rabbit-Snakedonkeys…They are people, too.

    6. Help others whenever you can…I think that is a good way to reinforce your own learning.

    7. In your own profile…you can save your favorite places in the tab labeled Picks.

    8. Dance.

    9. ctrl-shift y turns the lights on.

    10. ctrl-shift h sends you home

    11. Be moderate your online activity…it can be addictive…so learn to balance…something I really struggle with…

    I am not very good at following rules and I love prime numbers so I stopped at 11, I hope that is okay…This post is an excellent idea…I think I will do a similar one on my blog…since I just wrote all this anyway…

  • My one main tip:

    Try and have someone in RL on SL too. My boyfriend introduced me to SL and set up my avatar for me and showed me how to do simple actions. It’s invaluable!

    Add me too! I’m Vixxta Sorbet 🙂

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