Today was one of THOSE days – like one of those bad dreams where you go to work  and only afterward realise you are only dressed in your bottom of the drawer underwear. Video via my eee pc. This is a video blog post — RSS people, you can get the mp4 file here: or the 3gp file here: On the blog readers, here it is embedded:


  1. I’m very impressed with what you can do with your eee pc. I am very very tempted to get one but I think I might find it cheaper in Oz. I’m over in November and will look at them then. Will be asking you for advice nearer the time, no doubt. cheers Sarah

  2. I love this little Baby – it is what laptops were meant to be – light, reasonably powerful, simple to set up and use. The camera and mics built in are really great — the camera quality isn’t earthshattering, but the mics are really, really good. Will you be anywhere near Adelaide?

  3. I’m going to the Gold Coast. But there is a big midwifery conference in Adelaide next year that I want to go to.