Photo: b-may CC (by)

Photo: b-may CC (by)

Flickr launched a new interface last week.  I hate it.  iGoogle changed the tabs from the top to the side.  I really hate it.  MS Office completely rearranged the menus in Word.  I really, really hate it.  God people — quit rearranging my stuff without my knowledge or permission!


My tech has become smaller, more personal, more intimate.  I put stickers on my laptop to make it more mine, photos on my desktop. I move the content of my iGoogle around, I have a choice of browsers and use several different ones, I use multiple email programs and (at home) office suites. I feel – or felt – in control.  And then you go and “improve” the interface of something — thereby rearranging MY STUFF and make me feel less attached and in control of it.

If you want to re-build my loyalty and trust –

1) When you upgrade your interface, prepare me in advance.  I pay money to some of you.

2) Give me options to re-arrange things to suit ME.  Why can’t I choose how to group tools and menus in my office applications? Why shouldn’t I be able to run my tabs across the top of my iGoogle — I’m stuck with two small monitors at work and need all the screen width I can get!

3) Don’t plaster ads all over everything without warning and when you do introduce ads, keep them relevant to the content.  I know that everyone has to make a buck, but keep in mind it might have repercussions for me professionally if I recommend a favourite site and there is inappropriate material. Are you listening Teacher Tube? My CEO was NOT impressed that his video about internet filtering had a dating advert underneath it.

4) Explain the differences between the new and the old version to me thanks.  MS Office 2007 is a HUGE departure and if we had a swear jar at work for under the breath swearing caused by MS Office 2007 menu changes — our next Christmas party would be in the Greek Islands.

5) Give me a way of controlling newly introduced features.  Hey Twitter — love you heaps and love the 2008 election bar — because I’m AMERICAN.  5.7 billion other folks on the planet are NOT AMERICAN and dozens of them hate the bloody thing.

Your turn folks.  What software program or web site has re-arranged your stuff and what should they have done differently?


  1. Frankie Forsyth

    Sucked me right in Kerry, it’s the first time in ages I’ve commented on a post. 🙂

    Brilliant points and covers exactly how I felt when delicious ‘upgraded’, 3 hrs before I did an online presentation on delicious – complete with screen dumps. Grrr.

    LOL – thanks for a great read. 🙂

  2. and I hate what they did to ‘my Facebook’ too!
    ps I guess I’m one of the dozens who don’t like and don’t want election 08 on my Twitter page.


  3. I sooooo agree with you about igoogle-its driving me mad!

  4. Oh my! Here I was this evening grumbling to myself about the selfsame things, getting more and more frustrated as I went from one of my tools to the next. iGoogle is by far the worst change of all. I soooo enjoyed reading your comments – spot on!

  5. I’m sitting here smiling smugly. MY iGoogle tabs still go across the top of my page 🙂