Animations in Second Life – before I forget again…

Pandora and the turkeyIf I’ve already posted this, forgive me.  In addition to writing for the benefit of others, my blog is also my learning journey’s scrapbook and sometimes my memory is scrappy…

Thanksgiving time is fast approaching and I’ve decided to add a few decorations to Plot 13 (one of my SL plots). Kitsch is the order of the day when it comes to Thanksgiving, so an animated GIF of a turkey waving tickled my sense of humour enough for me to want to share it in my virtual space.

I’ve uploaded animated textures to SL before, but forgot the process. So I backtracked and now I’m going to record this for posterity:

1) Go to Peregrine Salon – and upload your animated GIF.  Set the framerate to 1 second (play with this).

2) Download the resultant TARGA texture and copy the code

3) Upload the TARGA texture

4) Create your object in SL

5) Create a New Script and delete the default script, replace with pasted script

6) Apply TARGA texture


There is a plug-in for GIMP that can break out frames from an animated GIF – but I haven’t played with it yet and it doesn’t provide the script for the SL texture as does the other online tool.

If you click on the image — you’ll open up a SLURL (Second Life URL) that, when you’ve got SL open, will take you to my upstairs Learning Loft with freebies and tips for noobies.  If you walk down the stairs, you’ll be able to see the turkey in all his glory.