Second Life sessions for EDayz08

The countdown is on to South Australia’s EDayz and I’ve been working up the in-world sessions for the people coming to my Second Life sessions.

On Wednesday night, we’re going to do a nuts and bolts session on the basics — how to walk, talk, teleport and interact with objects.

That’s taking place at the learning loft I’ve built on my Plot 13 sim.

To get there:

Keep your web browser open to this post.

Open Second Life and connect/log in.

Return to this blog post in your still-open browser and click on this link: Plot13 Jokaydia.

It will open up a web page.

Click on the orange “Teleport Now” button (see image above).

Go back to Second Life — a teleport window should have opened.

Click on the Teleport link (circled in red at left).

Having problems with the SLURL?

Check that you’re logged into Second Life and have fully connected.

If you’re still having problems, you can contact my avatar in Second Life and send an instant message.

My avatar’s name is Pandora Kurrajong.

To send me an instant message:

  • Go to the edit menu in Second Life
  • Click on Search
  • Type my avatar’s name into the search: Pandora Kurrajong
  • View my Profile
  • Click on the “Send Instant Message” button
  • Type a message indicating that you’re having problems
  • Click send

I’ll send you a Teleport to where I am.¬† This will pop up in the top right hand corner of your screen.