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We wish you a merry WordPress

It’s after Thanksgiving and time for all of us of American distraction to write our annual Christmas letters.  The art of balancing between bragging and whining and pitching a missive at people you a)only talk to once per year AND b) those you keep up with regularly is a dying art.

After deciding that this Christmas we were going to limit our spending and try to reduce our impact on the planet, I thought of the $100 plus I spent last year on cards, ink and postage alone.  And all I could really do is fill an A4 sheet with some 11-point font and a few photos.

So this year, I spent a few dollars on a domain name and have set up a password-protected WordPress site for friends and family.

Our Christmas blog
Our Christmas blog

In that site, I’m going to be able to post video, embed Google maps, create galleries of Flickr photos with a click and allow my family and friends to contribute via text or video comments.  If they’re keen enough, I can even make them contributors and give ’em their own section of the site.

To my mind, this beats the hell out of a double sided A4 sheet shoved in a card.  Plus, next year I can write as things happen — so I don’t have to rack my brain over what we were up to.

All of them are relatively light internet users, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to seduce a few over to the dark side with this.

Your suggestions on plug-ins and/or fun content much appreciated.