No facts please – we’re the government!

Despite opposition from numerous quarters, despite facts presented, the Rudd government is going ahead with tests of an ISP-level filter.

With an attitude of utter contempt for the Australian people, the government is not revealing any details that would aid the public in understanding why they feel it is necessary.  In fact, they are making a point of withholding information from the Australian public, point-blank refusing to answer questions and doing a 180 degree turn on the promise that any filter would be opt-out.

In the face of findings that reportedly show the filter system would only slow down the ‘net but not do much good (but how the hell would we know for sure — our tax dollars only PAID FOR THE REPORT, BUT WE’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE IT) — the formerly self-styled “fiscal conservatives” running the country are going to blow millions on testing a broken system that will only ensure we remain at the back of the pack.  And with the “global economic downturn” (or GED as they style it) — it doesn’t see to be a good time to be gambling — with either our money or our future.

The internet is, after all, our pipeline in and out for education, commerce, research, entertainment and communication — so why the secrecy? And why the apathy from most of the other parties?

Here’s the Australian article to get you started on your own research into this issue:

It’s so frustrating that the government refuses to treat us with respect on this issue by opening a dialogue. Saying sorry after they’ve wasted money and sent us backwards won’t be good enough.  Though that might be just how the people who voted this government in are starting to feel.

Back in August, Rudd confessed that he believes intelligent design is responsible for the universe.  Pity he doesn’t feel the same way about ISP-level filtering.

One Reply to “No facts please – we’re the government!”

  • comes down to ..

    they don’t understand

    they fear what they do not understand

    they do not trust…outsider geeks…industry ‘experts’..other vested/self interests

    all comes down to the time honoured politicians credo

    crash through or crash…but do SOMETHING!…or at least be seen to do something..

    there is no reasoning with zealots
    educational, religious or political…or cricket!!

    there will be a way around the technology…a little short term pain aside

    Krudd needs get out more…as does Jgilliard

    once on the ground they will witness first hand the wonders of the universe

    though the minders so tightly control their access to ‘normals’ one wonders if this will ever have the desired effect

    JGilliard may have learnt something about nanotechnology if she had deigned to mix with some locals at the Vistorian science conference in December…she came..delivered a speech written by someone else..then left

    no interaction with anyone other than organisers, who were worried about who walked in front of who…and were any media about (none!)

    pity really.the potential was so great..

    end of semester report:
    doing well…must try harder by listening to the question, then respond with an original answer, rather than a pre-prepared response…

    have you listened to parliament lately…same description

    formulaic responses designed to minimise exposure to further issues

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