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Ada Lovelace Day – Joanna McKay

Ada Lovelace is a woman credited with being the first female computer programmer in the 1800s. Sadly, not many women were encouraged in a love of maths as Ada was so even today in 2009, the gender inequity remains.

So today is an international day of blogging about women in technology that are leading the way.

In Australia this can feel quite awkward — to give praise to someone here has to be low key, as the object of said praise will often feel the necessity to bat it away or deny it. It’s called “tall poppy syndrome” – if you don’t cut yourself down to size first, someone else will.

Today I say stuff it. It’s my birthday and I am going to do things my way.

Therefore, my Ada Lovelace post is about my virtual landlady, Second Life mentor and personal friend – Joanna McKay. Jo – deal with it.

2 thoughts on “Ada Lovelace Day – Joanna McKay”

  1. Kerry, I couldn’t agree more, Jo is a a gifted woman and role model, but most importantly she is a lovely person. Thank you for this blog post it is wonderful!

  2. Awww, im still a bit speechless! Thankyou for this – it is very special! 😉 And thanks to Cath too – you are lovely!

    To KerryJ aka Pandora aka Ms P – thank you also for being a rolemodel, collaborator, teacher, sounding board, newbie helper, and friend! Since that first day we played in SL you have always been supportive, encouraging and collaborative, and you always bring positive energy with you (in both RL and SL and in 2d and 3d.. hehe).

    It is a pleasure to share and collaborate with so many wonderful, amazing, talented women in SL and in my broader networks. I feel very lucky to have the opportunities I do… least I can do is share a bit back!! 😉

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