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Top ten signs you may be spending too much time in WoW

When you go out of the house, you think in terms of questing – what are the objectives, waypoints and potential benefits of what you need to accomplish for the day. You think it’s amazing that you can apply Warcraft to your daily life and think hey, this isn’t JUST a game.

You find yourself wishing that your life had a dramatic soundtrack to lift the grindy bits of it.

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In traffic you wish you could just hit the space bar and dodge around it all. However I was thinking that way BEFORE Warcraft…

You find yourself wishing you could summon up extra mana to get through the day – especially at the after-lunch doldrums portion of your day.

You view food as a necessary way of topping up your energy, and treat that thought like some sort of revelation.

As you clean your house (quickly, or on Tuesday nights if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) – you wonder what level you’d be on if sock gather were a profession.

You check the mail and wish that you could just go out in the woods, pick or skin something and make silver and gold at auctions.

You have daydreams of going down to the basement in your building and finding it’s turned into a labyrinth with hidden treasures.

You cruise for clothing on eBay and try to estimate the value of it in terms of how it will contribute to your strength, professionalism, potential enhancement to your sex appeal, warmth, fashion – mentally awarding it points in each category and thinking it’s a great system.

You make it through a particularly rough day and feel disappointed that at the end there isn’t a bright flash of light, triumphant music and a message saying you’ve levelled up…

Hey – come to think of it, none of these things is really THAT bad…