I won an iPod touch last week and have really loved playing with it and having the internet at my fingertips in such a fun to use, attractive little unit. It's led me to wonder whether I should go over to the Apple side and replace my non-touch Nokia with an iPhone instead of a more open touch screen option.

Then Paul brought home a brand new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Once I was able to pry it out of his hands, I got my hands on it.  The first thing I noticed was that the touch was less sensitive than that of the 8GB iPod touch. The second thing I noticed is that I really hate the TimeScape software. Fortunately, it's easy to delete it off the main screen. I also preferred the menus on the iPod touch. I actually like the fact that Apple quality- checks the apps in its store but also realise that's inviting censorship and nannygate and HAS done so with Apple banning anything they feel is "racy.

Then, I started thinking about what I want in a smart phone.  I produce content and do so on the spur of the moment. I have a video camera. I have a still camera. Both have collected dust while my Nokia N95 has been my workhorse camera of choice. I've used my trusty N95 to live stream video for national educational symposia, record video for various events, make video calls to my husband when I'm travelling, take stills and upload them to Flickr right away. The ability to use my Nokia as a modem for my Asus eee PC netbook has come in handy more than once and the ability to plug in an external mic and hack the case means I can rest my Nokia on a tripod.

So I went to my provider's web site and compared a 32GB 3G iPhone with Paul's new Xperia X10 Android phone.  The results are the screen shot below (or above, depending on where Posterous posted this post).

Neither the X10 or the iPhone has video calling, which is disappointing for me. In fact the Xperia only has a front-facing camera (no video calling, no easy way to do vlogging).  The iPhone has a 3 MP camera. The Xperia X10 has a 10 MP camera.  There is no way of expanding the memory of an iPhone – the X10 has a mini SD slot. Battery standby time for the iPhone is about 75% of that of the X10's and the X10's battery is removable by the camera user so I could buy extra batteries and have them at the ready. The iPhone's screen resolution is 480 x 320. The Xperia's is 480 x 854. The X10 has Bluetooth. The iPhone does not. 

Okay, so which one am I going to get? I don't know. It may be neither of them. I do know that the iPhone isn't going to provide the quality of visual production that I want, has a pain the bum battery and no expandable memory. Its display is inferior and it doesn't have Bluetooth. 

I'm going to test out the Xperia with Paul over this weekend before I make a decision. But I do know that because I consume as much as I produce, that interface and apps availability and quality will count for 40% of my phone buying decision. There's nothing wrong with wanting something that is part of your every day life to be fun, easy and safe to use. But it also has to be good at what you want it to do. And I don't think the iPhone sounds like it's going to be as good for video and stills as other options. (First world problems, eh?)

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