Two certifications to round out the year

Two certifications to round out the year

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Moodle Course Creator Certificate photo

I’m very proud of two certifications I earned this year.

The first was a Moodle Course Creator’s Certificate. The course associated with this really extended my knowledge of Moodle. It’s good to be stretched and the insights and chance to play with new areas and activities and receive feedback was invaluable. If you are a relatively experienced Moodle user, I highly recommend it.

During the course, I learned about the Lesson module from scratch. Is it difficult? Yes, because it involves a lot of pre-planning. Lesson is like a learning object without the flash. You can lead learners down paths and sub paths based on choices they make and can embed images and multimedia.  There is a games potential in Lesson that I really want to exploit in future.

The second certification I received was a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. It was gratifying that the years of study to create e-learning experiences and experience I’ve put into delivering training online and face to face could be recognised.

I have ambitions for further study in 2011 and will create a learning plan for myself, but all that will have to wait. Right now the saw needs sharpening.