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Took a little brain work.

CC (by) don.wing45 on Flickr

This is a brain dump, nuts and bolts post to remind me the steps to take when bulk adding new users to a Moodle 2.0 site. ┬áIt’s a quick, down and dirty set of notes for me – that I’m sharing as a blog post in case you have been Googling around for answers… Okay, so I have a spreadsheet to which users who are interested in getting a free site on our Moodle 2.0 test site can register. It’s via Google docs. Rather than add individual accounts, I want to bulk upload. 1) Download current users from existing Moodle site. This gives headers. 2) Set up Google spreadsheet/form so that the headers map. Google doesn’t have a mapping feature so need to be precise. 2a) It’s phone1 NOT phone NOT telephone 3) copy and paste from Google spreadsheet to Open Office spreadsheet 3a) ensure no odd characters were added by users adding themselves to the spreadsheet 4) save as CSV and EDIT FILTER SETTINGS 5) keep current format 6) Character Set UTF-8, Field delimiter is , DELETE Text delimiter 7) save, then upload, ensuring you have UTF-8 selected.

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