Two posts in one day? Yes, when I find stuff this good, I want to save it for myself and share with others! I was first introduced to Project Based Learning a few years ago by my very good friend Dean Groom. I got to see the end results of students from Parramatta Marist High school present their PBL project and he and they educated me about a whole new way of learning. A few days ago I was pointed at a blog post by Ewan McIntosh about World of Warcraft as a learning platform. I’ve known it is for a while now and there is good work being done with games and learning. What struck me about this post was a comment saying “How can this truely be transformed into qualification gains, or real world learning.  Have you ever seen a job advert that says must be an ace at world of warcraft. . . .” NASA answered it best: “MMOs(massive, multiplayer online games) help layers develop and excercise a skill set closely matching the thinking, planning, learning and technical skills increasingly in demand by employers.” What do games and Project Based Learning(PBL)  have in common? Quite a lot. For this post, the CommonCraft video on PBL explains why learning by actively solving problems, asking and answering questions and collaborating is valuable and effective. All of which one needs to do in an MMO.


  1. Hi Kerry, this post could not be more fortuitous beause PBL is soemthing I am looking into in several contexts. I am currently working with the Otago Polytechnic School of Business to turn the first year of their business degree into a PBL approach. The video is a great illustration to show them how it works.

  2. Oh good Sarah, so glad it was helpful. I love the way they explain things.