Passion found – now what?
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Had an amazing conversation today with my wonderful husband that led to a discovery about where my passion lies.

All of the guides to business and success tell you to find what you’re passionate about, then get creative thinking about a business to build.

For years I have thought I was dull or defective because there is no one thing I can honestly claim to be on fire passionate about. Sure, there are things I feel strongly about, but nothing that could be described as a passion.

Tonight, I realised why it’s been so hard to put my finger on something specific: What I’m passionate about is learning and researching and communicating what I’ve learned to others.

I don’t feel the need to be a subject matter expert, but I do like to get to know a subject sufficiently to test assumptions and anticipate questions and then share what I’ve learned with others and invite them to explore more if they wish.

When I was in my late 20s, a negative work environment murdered my love for broadcast journalism. In my 40s, the education sector re-awoke my love for researching and learning about topics beyond my comfort zone and life.

It took until today for it to click for me that what I thought was a weakness – the ability to get excited or feel the excitement of others about pretty much any topic, dive in for a short period, then re-emerge, share with others and move on – was a strength. What I thought was flakiness is in fact, curiousity and a love of sharing.

Now that I’ve got that sorted, now what?


  1. Now what? Well, easy! Now you keep diving! But you might enjoy it more knowing that is your passion and strength. You can relax in the fact that you are now confident of your passion and you may be paying attention to other things, and get even more involved, and love it all even more, and get more carried away, and get more involved – sorry, already said that. Think you get my point tho šŸ™‚ I really like this post. I have asked myself the same question several times and wondered what the answer is. Still not too sure myself. Teaching, learning, sharing, connecting. Perhaps it’s as simple as that šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Jess! : )

    It had been bothering me for years and perhaps is why I was so drawn to education and why I would always put my hand up for short term projects. Now, as you say, to pay attention to how best to harness it in the context of my work and wider life.



  3. Without being one of those boring people who say “Me too!”, I’m going to say “Me, too.” Your post reads a bit like a mirror image of my motivations when it comes to learning – and why I am shocking at documenting something right to the end. By then I’m bored and excited by some other new possibility. Fortunately, my role tends to have that sort of thing built in but it does mean that I do find it difficult to stick through some of the more mundane (but equally important) stuff that needs to be covered within the role of educator. Seriously, the read/write web awakened something very powerful within my mind and while I struggle to keep up with all that interests me, I love the connection to others like yourself out of the fishbowl of the school environment. I’m in the business of helping others learn and it is an interesting process to put myself into the ultimate learning environment (the web) and see how I make choices and then learn from them. So, your post spoke to me in a very powerful way.

  4. Graham, I so appreciate your comment and my apologies for not seeing it sooner. I have long respected you and the work you do.

  5. You are aweseom and unique. You are a linchpin, a connector and have forgotton more things of great insight than most will ever learn. Which is why youre so valuable – as you make people think. My kids adore you – what more could anyone want – everyone needs strong role models. Not least me (us). gratz.

    • Wow – that is heady stuff Dean. I’m such a lucky person to have people like you – amazing thinkers with foresight, big hearts and a sense of wonder and play – not only as part of my personal learning network, but as friends too.

  6. Wow ā€“ that is heady stuff Dean. Iā€™m such a lucky person to have people like you ā€“ amazing thinkers with foresight, big hearts and a sense of wonder and play ā€“ not only as part of my personal learning network, but as friends too. For the Alliance!