Goodbye and hello

Goodbye and hello

Two paths through a tangled Japanese forest
Two paths through a tangled Japanese forest by Trey Ratcliff CC by nc sa

Goodbyes to good people are never easy.  The staff at BrightCookie live up to the company name and Leo and the crew are passionate proponents of open source software. The geek vibe runs strong as does the addiction to good coffee. ; ) Working with a range of clients has been fun and challenging, and I think it has helped me to be more agile-minded in terms of troubleshooting and what is possible.

In two weeks, I’ll be starting work with Relationships Australia SA as an Online Learning Specialist, doing a wide range of work from in-house training and instructional design to Moodle admin and multimedia production. I’m really excited about the opportunity to jump the fence and spend time on the client side. The people I’ve met so far are high energy, articulate and positive and even in the interviews we had some great conversations.

I know I’ll need my PLN more than ever as I move into a new phase of work and learning and the challenge is exhilarating.

I’ll be working from home for the next fortnight then heading back into office life.

Cheers to all – you know where to find me online.