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A few posts ago I was po’ed at IE 9 because I couldn’t see video captions or HTML 5 content. Neither could my husband.

Before you recommend other browsers, yes – I use other browsers. The students whose lives I am trying to make easier use Internet Explorer (or Internet Exploder as some like to call it). So I look at what I create for them through their eyes.

Today, my hubby figured out why our bright shiny new IE 9 browsers were not able to see HTML 5 goodies.

Internet Explorer 9 has web developer tools you can display by either clicking the F12 key on your keyboard or by going up to your settings menu (cog in far top right corner) and selecting F12 developer tools.

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This week I’ve been busy creating tutorials for learners on how to use Moodle. I looked on YouTube and couldn’t find any generic enough to suit my needs.

As I explored what students were likely to need to know and some ideas for tools instructors weren’t using, I found that some of the ways we had things set up were making things harder than they had to be. Other things have been fixed in Moodle 2.1 which we’re moving to in January.

Two things that really struck me were:

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05. August 2011 · Comments Off on Mark Smithers on why lecture capturing is a woeful use of technology · Categories: Issues, My personal learning journey, Presentations, Technologies

I wish I could add something pithy to this – but when someone makes the point so very, very well – all you can do is point others to it.

Being me and unable to NOT state an opinion, I will preface this link as follows:

As an online student who had to sit through hours of crappy video of somebody lecturing in front of a white board I can’t see clearly – lemme tell you something: watching video lectures is BORING AS HELL. It added little to the learning experience – especially considering there was no assignment following it that allowed me to apply the knowledge.

NOTE TO SELF AND OTHER PRESENTERS: Unless you can juggle or do magic tricks like Jonathan Finkelstein, or you create instructive works of art as you talk like Nancy White – YOU JUST AREN’T THAT EXCITING TO WATCH

Thanks to Kerrie Smith, writer of You are Never Alone http://smik.posterous.com/ for bringing Mark Smithers’ post to my attention via her daily Twitter roundup!