Mark Smithers on why lecture capturing is a woeful use of technology

I wish I could add something pithy to this – but when someone makes the point so very, very well – all you can do is point others to it.

Being me and unable to NOT state an opinion, I will preface this link as follows:

As an online student who had to sit through hours of crappy video of somebody lecturing in front of a white board I can’t see clearly – lemme tell you something: watching video lectures is BORING AS HELL. It added little to the learning experience – especially considering there was no assignment following it that allowed me to apply the knowledge.

NOTE TO SELF AND OTHER PRESENTERS: Unless you can juggle or do magic tricks like Jonathan Finkelstein, or you create instructive works of art as you talk like Nancy White – YOU JUST AREN’T THAT EXCITING TO WATCH

Thanks to Kerrie Smith, writer of You are Never Alone¬†for bringing Mark Smithers’ post to my attention via her daily Twitter roundup!